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These Habits Are Causing Split Ends

September 22, 2016

Split ends are generally caused due to certain habits inculcated by us which lead to dull, listless and malnourished hair. And if these habits are changed or corrected, the problem of split ends too can be eradicated by the use of certain homemade hair masks. Of course setting up a good hair regime is a ritual which is as important as that of the face and skin. Some of the split-ends causing habits are acquired quite innocently without realising the long term damage they impart to the hair. Hence they should be consciously stopped immediately. Some of these innocuous habits causing split-ends are: Split-end picking: Most people make it their favourite pastime to pick at the split-ends not knowing that... Continue Reading →

Prickly Pear Oil: Stronger And Shiny Hair

September 08, 2016

Having long lustrous and shiny hair is what every girl dreams of having. Yet not many know how to achieve it and start using hair products full of chemicals which do more harm than good. But today it has become an achievable dream with the use of prickly pear oil. Prickly pear or nopales, as it is also called, is well known for its antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a storehouse of nutrients like amino acids, beta carotene, vitamins B and C, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium etc. Also the fact that it has much more fatty acids than even Argan oil as well as being an important source of vitamin E, makes it an ideal ingredient for... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for naturally bulking up your hair volume

September 01, 2016

Loss of hair is a common problem faced by all of us today. But fortunately, hair fall if treated at an early stage can not only be prevented but the volume of hair can also be made to increase. Even though treatments range from medicines to spa and hair salon treatments, nothing works better than homemade remedies. They are easy on the pocket, its ingredients are readily available and they help to solve the problem permanently. Some homemade remedies which can help bulk up the volume of your hair are: Egg: This easy to get protein rich natural product is a great source of nourishment for the hair. The egg has to be broken, beaten and then applied to the... Continue Reading →


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