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Extra nourishment for your hair before you go to bed

May 12, 2016

Hair care regime involves a continuous process of providing nourishment from the root to its tip. Essentially your hair need to be revitalised and given the added protection against the extreme weather. Besides, the best time to give a relaxed pamper to your hair is the night time. Before you wind up for the day, spend a few minutes for your hair care which will go a long way in providing gorgeous locks you would proudly love to flaunt.

Know the difference between hair curling iron and wand

May 05, 2016

Curling iron and wand are both used for the same purpose, getting beautiful curls on your mane. But, which is used for what is something that most women are not aware of. An understanding of the basic difference and utility of these two styling products will help you to get the preferred look without much effort.

Take special care of your tresses after a party

April 28, 2016

If you are a party animal then your hair must be bearing the brunt of twists, turns, curls, heat and many more to give you that dashing and gorgeous look. Let the party not spoil your hair’s natural texture. Take special care of your hair every time you come back from a party.


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